Be prepared for Freshers!

Freshers, why are we talking at freshers at this time of year it’s not September yet!?

Well, freshers are a very exciting time for students, design is a hugeeee part in freshers and here’s why. Thinking about freshers so early on in the year will really help you have the BEST stall/stand your business could ever have!

Firstly, if you aren’t familiar with what freshers is then here you go: Freshers is an exciting time for all students as there is something out there for everyone. The weeks of Freshers is an amazing opportunity to meet new people, help your confidence grow and find out what the university has to offer. The variety of societies that are on offer at university is incredible! Society’s ranging from Graphic Design to Hot Air Ballooning!

Any ways this makes it a golden opportunity to interact with your potential customers; not only do personalised wristband and lanyards show a professional and dedicated team but can provide students and potential customers with branded freebies to take away! It’s an amazing way to really showcase your business and an experience for them to treasure forever.  Many companies think of wacky ideas for the students to interact with like a massive wheel spin to determine what freebie they are going to get, you’ll instantly have a que of people lined up waiting to have a go on your quirky wheel! You can literally personalise anything and here’s a list of what your business can think about when it comes to freshers!

Useful things to students like mugs, pint glasses, branded t-shirts (great PJs!) umbrellas, USB’s and pens/highlighters. Then things they can put in their room like posters, calendars (with your events on maybe!) magnets, lanyards, hats, wristbands, rulers and even pizza cutters/boxes!

The designers of team QBC have said that they recommend bright, colourful and fun themes! Trending right now for freshers is ‘bright geometric shapes’ and as always the words ‘free’ and ‘alcohol’!

There are loads of things we could help brand for your business in the time of freshers! Get your business out there, remember students have a very good word of mouth!

Be prepared you’ll need a lot of stuff to go around, email the design team today to start your freshers plan of action:

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