Dixons and a Designer

As you know, we at QBC always offer people who decide to come to our studio, to work one on one with one of our creative, a brew and a butty. We are Yorkshire folk after all!

We have a had a little rethink though, with the brighter weather finally gracing us. Twenty seconds walk we have the finest old fashioned ice cream parlour in the county, Dixons milk ices. So from now on those who choose to visit QBC HQ, will be offered a Dixons and a designer!

Currently our team are working on the branding, prospectus for an ofsted top 10% school, a large building contractor, an international hotel chain, the re launch of a universities 2016 look, a heritage pier and a complete display stand for the company, Trilogy drinks, that promotes and sells alska. 

Our work is so varied that sometimes even we are surprised by what comes through the door. We should in fact run a sweep stake, to see which type of business contacts us next for creative, among the team here at QBC.

Leisure as you Know is our core business, it is however, exciting to be working on the alternative projects above, among many others.

As always if you would like the best, we believe, design, creative, brand management and customer service then please do not hesitate to contact us here at QBC, through any of our media outlets.

Or if you do fancy a Dixons with a designer, you could always be old fashioned, like the ice cream and pick up the phone, now there is a novelty!!


Happy sunny days 

Team QBC  





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