Easter is here!

It’s that time again, Easter is officially upon us. It’s almost like the turning point in Britain, allowing ourselves to build up to Summer even though Winter is basically still with us. The kids are all off school; students are at home for a few weeks; the first bank holidays of the year are here. It’s the time for an overhaul on chocolate (so much so you hate its sight after). The flowers are coming out, and the clocks have gone forward. It’s everything we Brits love about this time of year, pushed into one weekend. 

Without losing the official meaning behind this holiday, it is one of the most prominent holidays in almost every industry. For this blog post we’ll focus on the leisure industry, the perks of this holiday and how best to optimise before it leaves us. 

As previously mentioned, this holiday welcomes the first bank holidays of the year. People have extra days off, and ultimately look for things to do – whether this revolves around the night scene, or day time events. The thing to bear in mind here, therefore, is who your audience is, and what ideas will be floating around in their minds. Not only this, but due to the four-day weekend, many people will be thinking mini-getaways. This could be to visit family, or just to venture away from their local entertainment sources. The trick is figuring out how to get people to stay nearby and get involved in what you have to offer. 

How on earth do I do this, you ask?! Well, we think it’s becoming more and more about giving people a different experience than the usual.

We’re talking about creating an experience that people are going to remember, fondly of course, and talk about. You may have heard about something called ‘Sensory Marketing’. This is basically what it says on the tin – using the senses to market to your chosen audience. And if this makes absolutely no sense to you, think about it this way: How many films have you seen at the cinema over the last few years? How many of those films can you list, and how many do you forget you saw? NOW. How many do you think you’d remember if you saw them in IMAX, VIP or 4DX? All these take elements of your senses, heightening them to increase stimulation and make the experience a great one, rather than just ‘that film wasn’t bad’. 

When linking this back to Easter think about what things remind you, not necessarily of the holiday itself, but of that time of year. Think flowers, think of the smell of freshly cut grass. Think of sounds – the sounds of early in the morning (birds, nature). Rather than just considering what something looks like, bring in all elements of the senses to give people that ‘Spring Feeling’ you know they’ve been longing for throughout winter. 

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