First Day of Spring

Not only is today the OFFICIAL First Day of Spring, it is also the International Day of Happiness – fitting, right?! And boy are we ready for both!


We are ready for the longer days, we’re ready for the lighter meals, the fruity drinks, the more things to do out and about. It is no wonder then that some businesses will be taking on this day as a great starting point for new campaigns to launch – give the campaigns a bit of a lift!


Over the years, social media has grabbed onto days of happiness and kindness, whole-heartedly. Amongst all the hard-hitting bad news, these days give people an excuse to celebrate something and show off about it. While businesses often avoid appearing like they are using bad incidents for their own gain, there is absolutely no reason they shouldn’t get involved in days like International Day of Happiness – after all, a key use of social media is bringing a bit of personality to an allusive brand name.


But how do I put this into my marketing plan, you ask? Well, why not get out and about. Providing Spring weather actually likes us Brits this year, there is a great opportunity in bringing together the team, getting out and hitting reset. It’s the beginning of the new financial year, so why not hold an event for your team to celebrate the latest financial year. Where targets have been met, or extra effort seems to have gone in, get key players out for an incentive reward. Where things have changed in the business, whether through growth or a bit of a rebalance, get everyone together, get out and do something different. Send your team to meet their clients, host a few in the office, and put the personal back into your strategy that way. Not only does this provide that reset opportunity you were looking for, there are studies which show getting out as a team can boost morale and team motivation. Who wouldn’t want that?


Plus, any opportunity like this provides great blogging/photography material for you to share with the world! Show your audience the people behind the brand. That’s something to be happy about, right?!

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