For the love of... referrals

Who out there has been referred to someone, or somewhere for a product of service? Who out there has been told that someone is really good at something, and that you should go see them? Who out there has told someone else that *insert name here* is really worth having in their contacts book? We have all heard these thing, or very similar, being floated around conversation at some point in our lives. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing: For the love of… referrals.

One of the most important things to a business, is how they are portrayed by someone. Are my products good value for money? What does my market truly think of my services? Was this advert even useful? I can almost guarantee that these are thoughts which have also come across your mind while dozing (yes, we’ve all been there). There is one tool, one method, one access point, which can help find answers to all of these questions.

What is it? Word of Mouth.

Social media for businesses is built on it! We all rely on the word of our network, peers, families; we rely on the typed word of complete strangers on google, to form a level of trust with a brand. This level of trust, this word of mouth that is being transferred, is one of the biggest elements of what leads a purchasing decision.

So how do I manage this? How do I make sure that the messages being transferred are the messages I want to get out there? How do I know that I am getting positive reviews?

Well, one way to manage this is to take a step back and look at your brand image. What do the reviews look like on the internet? When you google yourself, are the inserts giving off positive vibes? These are only a couple of ways that the digital marketing you are employing can ensure a positive Word of Mouth is being put out.

Word of Mouth isn’t all about feedback either. Name-dropping and referrals is a massive part of Word of Mouth. Why not consider holding a campaign encouraging people to refer you to their friend? This could immediately lead to an extended level of interest for your brand, even if you’re only offering a free piece of merch, or a 5-10% reimbursement to each time this happens. This could quite easily outweigh its cost and see you becoming the place to go to.

You could take the time to refer someone in your network every so often, pull connections together and introduce people to each other. It’s a great way of becoming not only a reliable business from consumer’s point of view, but people often do favours back – you refer me and I’ll refer you too. 

Posted 6 months ago

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