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Now, it is no secret that we are incredibly enthusiastic about all things #TeamQBC – how many times have you seen that hashtag alone?! At the beginning of December, we started a feature in our blog called #QBCIntroducing, where we spoke about members of staff and gave you an overview of what they’re about.

Well, this month seems an apt time to continue this feature, as WE HAVE NEWS!

You may have noticed in our videos that we have snuck a new member into our gang – everybody, say hi to Mitch. He is the latest Graphics Designer to join us, and has pretty much settled in.

Who is Mitch? Well, he hails from the world of Bolton and made his move to Huddersfield as a student. He studied as a Games Designer, and once university was over he took on some experience in the leisure industry.

Mitch said that he loves to develop his skills and if very much excited by learning as much as he can to better himself. This would therefore explain his uptake of an Apprenticeship in Graphics Design, upon finishing three years of studying. And this is where we fit into his career timeline. Mitch is our latest apprentice, meaning we are going to give him all the training and skills he needs to move further in his career.

Aside from work, Mitch is very interested in his gaming – and with a degree in the subject, to some, that wouldn’t be a surprise! His favourite – Fallout 4. He also plays the guitar!

So far, he has focused on creating social media artwork for various brands, along with concept work for a few newbies. We look forward to seeing the creative vibes flowing with this one! 

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