Halloween is here...

…. And boy do we know it!

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were all cheering in the New Year with our champagne and party poppers, and now (quite scarily) 2017 seems to be coming to a close. We are entering October this week, the leaves are back to blocking drains, the jumpers are out and the Pumpkin Spiced Latte hype is real. We all know what this means: the countdowns to Halloween, Bonfire Night and the big C have started ticking.

As much as we all want to cosy on in with a Netflix binge and blanket, it’s full steam ahead in the QBC studio. Now that #Freshers2017 is out of the way, clients are emailing in briefs for their social media campaigns, menus, and – you guessed it – Halloween Event Line-Ups and Promotions.

Halloween is becoming one of the largest events in the calendar, with supermarkets lining their aisle with copious amounts of sweets, costumes and decorations – more and more every year. Its reach among families is as large as ever, and the engagement at social events just keeps on growing. We think this is why our inboxes are full to the brim with clients fine tuning their design ideas, building their promotions and wanting to start their campaigns.

#Halloween2017 has brought some very extravagant designs through the studio already: scary, gory, creepy, gruesome; the lot. We’ve even questioned some of our designers’ mental state, having seen some of the mock ups they’ve created! With this getting gradually more extravagant, Bruce had an idea.

We have decided to launch a #QuiteBrilliantCompetition to our clients (and new customers), just to see who is willing to push those boundaries the most, and we’re really excited about it. The rumours are true! Any Halloween artwork or promotion design which is signed off between Friday 29th October at 10am and Tuesday 31st October at 12pm, will be put into a pool. From this pool #TeamQBC will vote for who they feel has pushed the boundaries of design the most – this client will be announced as the winner on 31st October at 4pm. What’s the prize, you ask! The winner of this competition will have the cost of the business’/venue’s artwork, both print and digital, reimbursed, and their #Halloween2017 promotion will be free! All we ask, is that you challenge the team.

Throughout the month, we will share updates on work coming through our doors via social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We would love to see people sharing it: not that we encourage competition, we are looking forward to this competition getting interesting. Let’s get one-up on last year and push those boundaries. 

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