How was your #Freshers2017?

So, the build up to #Freshers2017 has been huge, bigger than ever. It is soon overtaking other calendar events to be one of the biggest events we design for. With the reputation of Freshers growing throughout the country, there is no wonder companies are keen to get involved. There is no wonder this, along with Halloween, is our busiest time of year.

We’ve been producing work linked with events for the University of Hertfordshire and University of Huddersfield, plus events at bars, clubs, pubs (and more) all over. One of the largest projects we’ve worked on has been the opening of a new pub, Zetland, in Huddersfield. Along with being the university’s nominated bar, this is said to be one of the largest pubs in the UK and so the prep in getting this project ready for Freshers week has been monumental, and slightly crazy, to say the least!

We always enjoy seeing the variety in marketing forms that businesses design alongside us, and this year has been a year of firsts for QBC. We created our first ever 200mm x 200mm leaflet with a GIF to match for Oceana’s ‘Student Therapy’ event – the image on the cover of this blog. We have also been running our own campaign this week, highlighting some of the artwork we have created; keep an eye out for our wrap up video at the end of the week!

So, we want to know how your #Freshers2017 campaign has gone: has it been successful, what’ve the highlights been?

As you are probably aware, we love client feedback, so much so, we have an incentive based around it. Each time one of our designers receives a positive piece of feedback from a client they move one step closer to a cash prize – can’t be bad! We also take this feedback and shout about it on social media: when our team do well we like to show our appreciation. If you have enjoyed working with us this year, loved a piece of artwork we’ve created together, or are happy with our customer service drop us an email and let us know – if you’re feeling extra adventurous, leave us a review on Facebook: .

Keep us posted on how #Freshers2017 has been for you, we wish you every success. 

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