Now, if you’ve seen any of our social media posts recently, you will know that #TeamQBC have been on the countdown to #Christmas17 for weeks – however premature that may seem. The studio is busy with a constant flow of artwork ideas, calendars, and more in the build-up to that time of year. It’s Party Time and the spirits are high!

We’ve been witness to the development of numerous menus; Christmassy cocktails; Early Bird Passes to Balls; Masquerades. It is safe to say that if you need ideas for your Christmas plans, we can probably give you a few options – and definitely aren’t going to get bored ourselves! It may surprise you therefore if we were to say that Christmas is our quiet time of year.

How can this be, you ask?! Well, we started getting briefs in for Christmas Artwork in January. Yes, January: the 18th January to be exact. This isn’t unusual for us, with many of our clients getting ahead of the game and proposing their ideas in bulk for generic events (Easter, Halloween, Christmas) as soon as the ‘Predicted themes for 20**’ articles come out. From the perspective of our clients, by planning ahead what the main event artwork is going to look like, it allows a framework for any extra events’ artwork and makes picturing concepts a lot easier for them, and a lot easier to grasp for the designers.

It does mean that this time of year for QBC is very much one of development, alongside the usual flow of design work. It’s the time of year in which we take on apps, websites and all things digital. We are currently developing a staff intranet app for a large UK corporation. We also have some exciting developments of our own in the pipeline, which we aim to have completed in the new year.

Christmas at QBC is also a time for strategy. It’s the time in which schedules are created, plans are made, and ideas are fully brainstormed in the world of marketing. Why do we choose to do this now? Well, we’ve all heard the slightly overused cliché ‘New Year, New Me’. In effect this time of year grasps together all achievements of the past year and mushes them together. This reflection allows for an idea to be formed as to what has worked well and what could be improved or changed, what can be trialled next. These form a basis for the goals of the next year (the timeframe allowing a measurement scale) which can then be linked back to business goals as a whole.

It's safe to say with all of the brainstorming and development, Christmas is a very exciting time of year for #TeamQBC! Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates.

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