Kinetic Typography – try something unique! (Part One)

The written word can be very powerful. However, it is even more influential when paired with the right type of visual presentation. Did you know that aesthetic attraction increases the influence of written content and makes it more satisfying for readers? There are lots of different ways to make written content more engaging and enhance its overall value, with kinetic typography being one of the most effective! So, what actually is kinetic typography?

The principles of kinetic typography bring these concepts together with basis animations, in order to produce designs which feature moving text. This text is designed to capture the imagination and encourage readers to interact with it. 

Kinetic typography is a word used to describe animated text - it can be used to make written content grow, shrink, dance, bend, and change in an almost endless variety of ways. The choice of kinetic typography can be pretty simple and basic, or it can be a lot more complex. The practice has rapidly increased in popularity over the last five years, firstly due to its abundant use within web design. It was a technique which was originally only employed in video and television advertisements, but it is now a very common aesthetic resource.

Now it is being used more and more as a background tool on web platforms and online videos - this is only possible because internet speeds have gotten so much faster over the last ten years.

The best kinetic typography can take any form: wriggling, stretching, soaring, flying, speeding, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. If necessary, it can be further enhanced with images or audio features for higher effectiveness. Due to its uniqueness, it can be found everywhere from movies to television ads and websites, because its power to engage and captivate can be extremely useful.

Don’t worry that’s not all – part two will be out next Friday! Stay tuned…

In the meantime if you would like to consider having some effective engaging kinetic typography posts for your website, presentations or social media, all you have to do is email and we will see what we can do for you!

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