Leisure...its a pleasure!

With our customer base ever expanding at QBC, it is sometimes easy to talk about other projects rather than our core business ...LEISURE. For 16 years we have serviced the leisure industry with a vigour and passion seldom equalled. We actually still have customers now that Bruce and I secured in our first months of trading, that we are very proud of. It tells us that as a company our creative team are forever embracing new techniques, programs, methods and currently actions!

We work with many different leisure companies throughout the uk and are very conscientious about each companies look, requirements, goals and deadlines. We have individual creative that manage each client’s needs.

We are quite unique in that respect. Bruce and I believe that when a new client comes to the table all our designers ( or the ones we feel will achieve great results for that particular client) should  go to work on the project. The client then chooses the designs they feel sits with their product. We then wittle it down to one. The same process happens again the next time with the designers that were chosen. If the same designer secures the job again, they become that clients creative. The client then works with one designer who understands their needs and builds a real relationship with the team they are working for. We back this up with insight, our Job management system. Every element of every job has its own individual reference, details of that job are logged, recorded and referred too, this ensures a smooth customer journey and accurate invoicing.

We also have a 36 hour rule for standard jobs, we will endeavour to get your proof to you within that timescale – this is almost unheard of in our industry. We are very proud of the fact that in the majority of cases we achieve this target.

Our clients include, Deltic, Camerons, Brook, SBTB, Ossett, Creative Hospitality, M and B, Grosvenor, TCG, Era, Disco bars and clubs, BCB, Baa Bar, Goodfellas and the list goes on !! I think my favourite work presently is for the Camerons Head of Steam brand. It is unique, instantly recognisable and the creative represents the brand perfectly.  

Bruce and I visit all our customers units on a regular basis, we have a deep understanding of the sector and thoroughly enjoy working within it !!

With our expanding creative team we are looking to take on even more clients, we would love to sit and talk with you about your requirements. If you are thinking about changing or would just like to see if we have a synergy together then please do nor hesitate to call me on 01484 540224, 07855896892,

Or email richard@qbcagency.co.uk


Leisure.....it is our pleasure !

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