Meet, Drink, Feast Repeat

It is written in the DNA of any British person that there is nothing like a good ol’ chin wag, with a glass of fizz or pint of the dark stuff, and some proper pub grub. It is no surprise then that when our clients open new venues, or are looking to revamp their current offerings, we love getting our hands on their menu concepts.

Now, it is arguable that the menu is the most important part of most venues, as this is literally their selling point. You may be wondering therefore how on earth we manage cope with that pressure and make something worthy. Well, there are about a million and one things to think about: here are a few tricks from our very own.

One of the main things to consider when creating a menu, is who and where it is for. Where is this venue located? You would potentially consider a different tone of the artwork for a venue in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales, and the centre of Manchester. If the venue’s target market is the daily commuter, you may not format the artwork in the same way as if the target market was book clubs. The menu needs to mirror its market: catch their attention start the food envy. For example, if an item planned for the menu is smashed avocado on toast, we all know that there is a certain type of consumer to whom this attracts.

Something else worth considering, is what the venue itself looks like. If there are is an industrial vibe about the place, the menu should probably mirror this. Similarly, where the venue looks chic and has that expensive looking, luxurious touch, the menu should compliment and consolidate this. The clients usually provide ideas of things like colour palettes, typefaces and imagery. Where an image is preferred, it is usually also a good idea to make this a focus in the design.

Finally, something which is advocated by all our designers (alongside Pinterest) is keeping up with all things current. Sometimes the only way to do this is to see what venues you go to and experience are doing, taking samples where possible. Not only is this a slightly cheeky way of keeping up with the competition, but sometimes you just stumble upon inspiration anywhere! 

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