New Horizons, New Opportunities

It has been an electric few months here at QBC for all sides of our business, with new opportunities abound and new additions to our team. It is great when new folk arrive, it brings zest, freshness and lifts what is already and exciting team.

James Ervine left us to travel Australia and to try and secure a new life there. Sarah has taken his place and if she performs as well as she interviewed we are in for a treat: she’s focused, driven and has a real eye for customer service and creativity. We are interviewing three more candidates this week, and the right candidate will take our design team to eight full-time members.

We are currently close to securing the services of an exceptional individual for an exciting new role within our company! This is a new, yet natural avenue for our company to follow.  All will be revealed over the coming month. We are also looking for an exceptional talent to manage and increase the resident side of our business – these are exciting times at QBC!

We are currently working on two large corporate projects. The first: for a golf brand which allows you to design your own polo-shirt, trousers and shorts. These are made from an incredible technology that, among other things, keeps you cool in summer and the rain out in winter (or the summer if you play where we play!) And who is the client you ask? Well we can’t tell you this yet, but hint hint - this is for a golf fashion guru for many celebs and pro’s. The second project is for one of the UK’s top companies and if we can deliver on this it could take our company to the next level. It will require hard work, passion, dedication and a fluidity to ensure the perfect result: something which we cannot wait to get started on.

Bruce and I put these changes and acquisitions down to our 36-hour rule, where for standard design we promise to get a fabulous product to you in, you guessed it – 36 hours! Along with our team’s attention to our customer charter of care, which ensures great customer service, and weekly creative meetings, it means customer needs are always a priority. We apply the same customer charter of care to all our clients, whether independent businesses or corporate giants – it is so important to us here at QBC.

All we can say, is watch this space. If you want a piece of the action, drop us a line on +44 (01484) 540224. We look forward to hearing from you.

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