New Year, New Campaign

This is it folks, we are on our way to wrapping up the year. People are starting to feel the ‘Winter Stress’, and the purses are being pinched in preparation for the biggest campaign period of the year. We all know it’s a busy time of the year, it’s how we go about managing this that is the important bit.

October is a great month for planning. Not only is it a great month for interactive campaigns, but it provides a great launching point for campaigns which occur in the months to come. The big hitter this month is Halloween, arguably one of the biggest nights of the year. With it’s placement at the end of the month too, October is a great month for build-up, launches and momentum for any campaign put together around the day. October also plays host to Black History Month, World Space Week, National Curry Week, World Food Day and International Sloth Day (no, this is not a joke). Sadly, it also holds the official end of British Summer Time, but this autumnal wonder can completely distract from that.

November almost seems like it plays quiet in preparation for the madness of December. Diwali is the big celebration this month, and provides a million and one opportunities for experiential marketing, alongside Bonfire Night. Remembrance Day is key for Britain this month, and it is important to acknowledge without losing the message behind the day – it’s one to be careful with. Other key events include the Women’s World 2020 Cricket and St. Andrew’s Day.

December is the big one to prepare for, and there is no harm in doing this as far in advance as possible, while ensuring any media stays on trend moving forward. The month plays host to Christmas, New Year, Boxing Day Football and Boxing Day sales. A great tool for this month, and keeping up to date with all events and campaign focuses would be a calendar. An Advent is a great piece of media for building suspense and engagement, along with providing a great platform for launching other campaigns alongside it. December almost always falls in amongst offers from November’s Black Friday, December’s Mad Friday, and all the sales commotion that comes with Christmas. This is mirrored by a generic need to sew up ay holes in pockets, and avoid spending more than necessary during the month. This means that December campaigns need to be as creative and clever as possible to attract a regular business interest.

Hopefully this breakdown of calendar campaign focal points has been somewhat useful to you, if not just a little interesting. Email for any information or clarification around things. 

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