New Year, New Campaign - Part 1

Well, 2018 is here and it’s safe to say there’s a lot of resolution talk going around. You know the type we’re sure, and with the ever-growing presence of Tryanuary this month always seems like the perfect time for a bit of evaluation and planning. Us humans love a good goal or two!

Not only is this perspective and lease of life a marketer’s dream, but it provides a huge opportunity to sit back and have a think about what events and strategy you want to put in place for the upcoming year. After all, the sooner it’s planned, the sooner resources can be delegated, and focus can be placed on other pressing business matters. We’re talking calendars, we’re talking diaries, and we are talking strategy.

Now we know that these things can seem dull and daunting to many, but really, it’s not all that complicated, so we thought we would give you some ideas of things you can focus on, events which make for good campaigns – that way all you have to do is fill in that content gap! We’re going to split this up into a few posts, so keep an eye out for the full calendar’s worth of ideas.

As we’ve already mentioned, January is the month of resolutions. People are trying new things, setting new goals, and avoiding the blues that come just after Christmas. It is also the month of sales, and while Black Friday is starting to trump these New Year Bargains, people are still on the lookout for ways to avoid that growing hole in their pocket. One of the biggest campaigns of the month is Tryanuary, in which breweries and bars alike publicise trying new product lines and flavours. This has developed into a mentality which many industries can adopt, leading to the growth of the wider theme: try something new. Finally, a key event this month is Burns Night.

February is for feeling the love. Whether it’s that you have a Valentine, or a love for Pancakes this month is one which can be tailored to all things you love and appreciate. The month also plays host to Chinese New Year, and has huge opportunity for events of all styles and themes.  A good overriding campaign for feeling the love and celebrating such is something to bear in mind this month (i.e. celebrating your network or referrals). For those creatives out there, something to also consider is the satire that comes alongside Valentine’s, for those who find comfort in pizza. There is also the opportunity here to launch a campaign focused on Corporate Social Responsibility here, with links to charities focused on supporting the elderly, or those finding themselves alone at this time of year. Other big events this month include The Winter Olympics, Six Nations and Student Volunteering Week.

March is always a busy one, and can seem like a bit of a campaign overload, but there are some worthy key dates to pick out regardless of your industry. The big players this month are:

  • Mother’s Day (UK)
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Palm Sunday/ Good Friday in the Easter build-up.

Among these big players, there is a whole host of both national and international campaigns, all of which can appeal to very different audiences. There’s St. David’s Day, Winter Paralympics, World Book Day, National Apprenticeship Week, International Women’s Day AND Sports Relief. It is safe to say that this month has such a huge array of events, it can be a bit daunting which to choose to focus on. This is a good opportunity to remind you that campaigns are only worthwhile if they match business aims, beliefs and goals. There is no harm in missing out on a big player if one of the smaller campaigns matches your objectives more closely!

Next Thursday we will be continuing this calendar development, so set a reminder in your phones and keep an eye out, for more ideas.

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