New Year, New Campaign - Pt 2

So, we’ve journeyed through the first quarter. The new financial year is upon us, and summer is ever-so-slowly coming over the horizon. I’m sure you can feel the murmuring buzz of people excited for their getaways, of beer gardens reopening and people actually venturing outsides again for our one day of heat! Things are also in full swing within the working worlds, as we enter into one of our busiest periods of the year.

Last week, we discussed all things winter; Q1 was our focus. We travelled through resolutions and sales, love and pizza, and the daunting month of events known as March. This week, you’ll be glad to hear that it does not stop there!

The second quarter of the year, is just as busy of the first, and yet it often seems a bit of a blank for content with themes of spring and summer working overtime. What we’re going to do this week, therefore, is highlight all things weird and wonderful alongside the dates which should already be making an appearance in your diaries – prepare yourself for an overload of quirkiness.

April is where we begin, and aptly, the key date to remember here is Easter. All the students are home, all the kids are off school, and all the parents are inundated with re-gifted Christmas chocolate. We have Queen Elizabeth’s birthday; we have St. George’s Day – it’s safe to say that patriotism is at a high. It may not be a surprise therefore, that a key social media event this month is #NationalTeaDay! This provides the perfect opportunity for a massive brew – and no we don’t just mean a big mug. If you have any ongoing charity targets to hit, this day alone makes for a great excuse to bring together your clients and team, and have a rather large feast of the afternoon tea kind. Isn’t this what being British is about? Another key feature of April is the number of mega-events of the sporting variety, happening. This month holds the Commonwealth, the Grand National, the Masters. There is plenty here alone to wet the palette and get the brain whirring with ideas.

Who here remembers the days of ribbons, dancing around a maypole and playing those typical field sport games? That’s right, May is here and that means one thing – time off work! We have two bank holidays to contend with this month, along with a Royal Wedding! It’s a hugely important time of year for varying religions, a key feature being that of Ramadan. The difficulty here, is that this month is also host to National Donut Day – the struggles are real. Sports are huge this month, with both the FA Cup and Champions League finals within a two-week period – the trick here is trying to balance the Wedding and the FA Cup Final, being on the same day.

June is the source of all quirkiness this year, with social media campaigns being at the forefront of all events. Alongside Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice, we have: Beer Day Britain; Wallace and Gromit Wrong Trousers Day; World Environment Day; World Refugee Day; Bring your Dog to Work day – and there are plenty more where they come from. One key event this month is the World Cup. Russia plays host to the world this summer, and this is not only a huge opportunity for the England Team to try and get past the first round, this is a great opportunity for us marketers to see what campaigns we can launch, what sweepstakes we can create competitions based on.

Next Thursday we will be continuing this calendar development with Q3, so set a reminder in your phones and keep an eye out, for more ideas. 

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