New Year, New Campaign, Pt 3

It’s summer time; the sun is shining, people are out and about again visiting new places, enjoying time off work and soaking in those eagerly awaited bank holidays! We have sports, we have World and National Days, and there are a good few excuses to have a party or eat a tonne of food. Sometimes this time of year can be a bit of a baffling one: what do you focus on, how do you build up the best summer campaign, how do you detract from the beer gardens and bring attention to your brand?

We’re not saying we have the perfect solution, but we have some ideas and focuses which may just make it that slight bit simpler for you.

July is a great month. The kids are getting ready to finish school for the summer holidays, parents are finalising their family getaway plans, students are getting their results from school and prepping for new courses or moving to university. Not only are all these changes happening, but across the world there are many national events, worth tipping your hat to: Independence Day in America; Canada Day; the Tour de France; even World Population Day. It provides an amazing opportunity to make your brand have that global feel. Us truly patriotic Brits always get excited about tradition, and Wimbledon falls into the height of this. There are two weeks of purely tennis-based news, and rallying around during this time is a great opportunity for bringing the community together. A key social media day this month is World Chocolate Day – why not?!

August: the epitome of summer. As a Yorkshire-based company this is a great month as it starts with the one and only, Yorkshire Day. This day alone provides a great opportunity to start a new campaign including your local community – something like the launch of a new campaign supporting a local charity is a great way to use opportunities in marketing to push company news further. Along with this, there are two bank holidays, and Afternoon Tea week, yet another excuse to eat cake and drink tea (like we need any more). Social media focuses on World Photo Day (a great way to encourage User Generated Content) and International Friendship day – a truly global campaign.

Finally, there’s September. Alongside the hustle and bustle of Back to School and Freshers campaigns lies Roald Dahl Day, and the Great British Beach Clean. It’s a month in which the country joins together to celebrate a variety of things, none of which are tailored to a Holiday. Heritage Open Days happens the first weekend of September, on a yearly basis. Over this weekend local communities join and show the country what makes their village, town or city, what it is today. Whether it’s a tour around key landmarks, or the opening of a usually closed tunnel for one day only, this day launches local communities into the eye of the media. The month also plays host to one of the biggest charity campaigns of the year – The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. This event is getting bigger and bigger, and is worth taking part in. Other key social media days include: International Talk Like a Pirate Day, International Day of Democracy, World Tourism Day and the official beginning of Autumn.

There are some key overriding themes for this period of the year, including Freshers and Back to School. If these fit your Marketing Mix, they are hugely worth including. 

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