QBC has expanded – again!

The back end of the year is when more fun starts: Freshers, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas & New Year! When it gets busy for you, it gets busy for us and we’re very excited to say we’ve hired a new Designer and Social Media Assistant. So, everyone, meet Fabi & Tyler!

Fabi joined QBC at the very end of August. Last year, he graduated from university with a BA in Creative Media. Fabi is always inspired by passionate people who have drive & love a challenge – that can tackle any obstacle thrown at them. He absolutely loves all aspects of design, particularly branding and more recently delving into motion graphics with After Effects!

Fun facts about Fabi: when he was four years old he did a bungee jump; he has DJd at the biggest UK nightclub Tall Trees in 2004; he also lived in Ibiza for six months in 2016. When not at work, Fabi spends his time at the gym, in the kitchen cooking and producing music!

Moving onto Tyler –

Tyler joined QBC in August. Last year, he studied Level 3 Media at Huddersfield New College. Tyler is highly inspired by the aesthetics behind cloud rap and rap artists such as Jimmy Loan, Cole Bennet and Zac FTP. He absolutely loves to create cut & stick looking photos on Photoshop by editing photographs and stock images.

Fun facts about Tyler: he has a Soundcloud account that he uploads raps to; he also spends too much money on clothes and food! When not at work, Tyler spends his time producing, mixing and mastering beats for Soundcloud artists.

And there we have it, from all at QBC – welcome to the studio guys!

Posted 2 years ago

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