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So, as we mentioned before, it’s birthday season in #TeamQBC, and we’ve decided to celebrate by shouting out about our team members. This week, it’s Bruce’s turn. Like Richard, Bruce is turning the big 5-0 this December, and it’s safe to say there is a lot we could talk about for this pair. For Bruce, we’re going to start at the very beginning (with a little help from Richard).

Bruce was born in Glasgow, and moved down to England when he was 16. He worked with his Grandfather in his bar: Oscar’s, York. His love for music grew throughout his time here, watching DJs do there thing every weekend at various events. It was here that he decided that this was the path he wished to follow.

In time, he was DJ-ing at functions at a country pub, and soon became the resident DJ at Rooftop bar in Wakefield. It was here that he met Richard! When Richard was leaving his post as DJ for Rooftop, he auditioned Bruce for the role. On the drive home, both happened upon the same motorway layby for a break, and started talking. They have not stopped talking since and the rest is, well, history.

Throughout his DJ career, Bruce has done two stints at Ministry of Sound in London, along with several events across the country before in 2000 he came up with a business proposal for Richard. Together they had the idea of using their contacts and forming an agency for DJs, which then led to the production of design materials which brings us to 2017 and Quite Brilliant Creative.

Aside from DJ-ing, Bruce’s passions are clothes, he’s never without his Go-Pro, and adores his family. So much so, at least one request comes in a week for some artwork for his newly renovated home – this week we’ve had octopus legs flying around the studio (probably safer not to ask!)

Richard says that they laugh everyday, hence the wrinkles, and when you see them in the studio it is definitely safe to vouch for that. He also says that Bruce tolerates Richard. Secretly, we know that they ‘tolerate’ each other and have done for the last few decades. It’s a partnership, and they’re lucky enough to be able to celebrate going into their next decade together, with the party of all parties! 

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