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Now, it’s coming up to the New Year, and we all know that this means one thing: resolutions. Not only this, but it appears to be birthday season within #TeamQBC, and this could only really mean one thing. It’s time for a little celebration! What more suited way can you think of to celebrate, than to shout about exactly who #TeamQBC are, and what better a way to start than with one of the people who have been enjoying their celebrations of late – Richard!

Not only is Richard one of the two Managing Directors of QBC, he has also, only yesterday, turned 50 and is lapping up all the celebratory events for sure! Now we took it upon ourselves to speak to Josh (Richard’s son) in the hope of getting some dirt and quirks, but in complete honesty we were quite unfortunate in understanding that the main quirks of Richard are that he has the habit of walking around singing and protruding his love for the song Zombie by The Cranberries.

Where did it all start with Richard, you ask? So, let’s go on a mini journey shall we…

Rewind to the days of turning 18 years old – we all remember them (or at least try). Now, for Richard it was at this age that his career probably took lift-off. Picture this: It was his 18th Birthday celebrations, there was a venue, there were friends and pints, and a DJ. Unfortunately, this DJ did not quite live up to Richard’s expectations, and he travelled back to the venue and told the manager that he could do a better job. What he did not tell him was that he had no experience, whatsoever. The manager agreed to give him a shot, and so Richard took a load of his sister’s records, collected a tonne of glasses and played the night out. Following this, the manager went to Richard and said something along the lines of ‘you have no experience do you’, to which Richard exclaimed ‘no, but I still did a better job.’ Richard was given a weekend residence, earning pennies.

Jump some years later, and Richard had become somewhat the entertainer! He was travelling all around to events, and eventually filled up his own capacity – at this point he had also met his partner in crime Bruce. The pair were being offered more gigs than they could fill and spent a lot of this time recommending people to fill in. The option was then put to them that they should charge a commission for setting up gigs for people, and low-and-behold, the agency was formed. Richard went from having four or five DJs out on a Saturday, to fulfilling 110+ jobs a week.

And how does this bring him to where he is now? Due to the repeat nature of the client base formed by the chaps, the idea came to mind that there was an opportunity to become the ‘one stop shop’ for the leisure industry. If they could provide entertainment, promotion, design and print for clients then not only did it give for great expansion opportunity, but also provided the option for them to sustain when too old to DJ. Hence, Quite Brilliant Creative was born. There is now a team of around 20 members of staff, with client work up to their eyeballs, before even considering the entertainment side of the business.

In Josh’s words: ‘he’s got to where he is today because he is good with people: he never has a bad word to say about anyone, which I think is a good trait to have in business. He always delivers on his word.’ 

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