Special Projects

What is a special project, you ask? Special projects are the things which excite us most in the studio.

When we think special project, we think skateboards and skate ramps; bespoke menus; car wraps; inflatables; Gin Spins; Bikes! And you may wonder how on earth we design and print these things. Well, that’s down to a pinch of fairy dust and a few words: creative, design, innovation.

We love being challenged. Our creative minds thrive off getting stuck in and working with the client on something completely random, plus it keeps it quirky and interesting for us. From a client’s perspective, there is nothing better sometimes than having a completely new idea about how to promote a campaign or event, so much so that it can be almost heavenly when you find someone capable (or willing!) to create it.

This is why when we get the opportunity to produce something new, we jump at it. We know how important it is to our clients, we know it’s important to keep ahead of the game with any marketing materials so unless the thing you’re after doesn’t exist, we will try our hardest to meet the brief letter-by-letter.

While branding is very much our strength, often we work with existing branding, to realise its potential or reach that dream outlook. With technology and possibilities changing more and more every minute, though daunting it may seem, the result is that the possibilities for creativity are literally endless.

Now for story time.

Once upon a time, in the Christmas build-up of 2016, there was a client in the Cayman Islands. This client had come up with a brilliant marketing idea. When James (our Studio Manager) was told about this idea, he got straight to work. After emails and phone calls galore, Santa Visited the Cayman Islands! It was requested that #TeamQBC illustrated the book which went on sale in the Cayman Islands. The book sold out in a week!

If this is a power of creativity, then we welcome it!

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