Swiss Top Tips! (Part One)

Sometimes the best way to showcase your design is to go back to basics! 

When you hear the term “Swiss Design” the first thing that comes to mind isn't the country or the cheese, but clean, minimal, and modern. While all of those descriptions fit, there’s much more to it! The use of lines, colours, shapes, and personality is what makes Swiss Design unique. Here’s how you can really optimise your design work by using some simple yet effective steps:

Minimalism is key so don’t overthink!

Swiss design, from architecture to style, is defined by its simplicity. You don’t have to have the flashiest design to get noticed - you can be minimal and subtle, yet striking at the same time! You can also use this design principle to grab people’s attention with business cards. You can showcase your design talent while leaving a bit of mystery when you use business cards. Sometimes less really is more.

Black and white is a classic!

While colour has its place, the uniformity of black and white is a highly regarded tool of Swiss Design. The artists and designers known for their Swiss style used black and white as a tool for creating focus. Using black and white can also create an air of elegance in a product that might not otherwise emit such an aura. In the same way that the minimalist designs can cause a product or image to stand out, so can a complete lack of colour. No need to try the colours of the rainbow if you don’t want to. Black and white design is chic and classic.

Use photography with a minimalist composition!

The impact of the era in which Swiss Design arose had a large impact on its characteristics and aesthetic. Using posters to spread messages of nationalism and patriotism in the 1940s led to the use of combining typography with photography by the Swiss designers post World War II. These designers took the minimalist rule and applied it to their photographic composition as well. They found that taking pictures with only one focal point or with minimal imagery created a stronger impact on viewers. Find images that have one focal point or showcase a minimalist philosophy. Layering your text on top of these images will provide an excellent background to grab the viewer’s notice.

Bright colours will definitely get you noticed!

Another way traditional Swiss designers managed to catch the eye was by perfecting their strategic use of colour. Using one solid, bright colour to make a design pop, or combining unusual colours together, gave the images a way to stand out. The text and style remained uniform and minimal to let the colour speak for itself. Play with unusual colour combinations that surprise but delight the eye. You can make it easier on yourself and your design by focusing on one bright colour or use primary colours as the base.

Don’t worry, that’s not all! Part Two will be uploaded Next Friday at 11am - Stay tuned, folks!

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