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When talking to Mitch (one of our designers) he brought it to our attention, that some clients and design trends at the moment are looking at the use of negative space.  When you’re designing — whether it’s a logo, infographic, cinemagraph, or website — it’s natural to spend a lot of time thinking about the flashiest parts of your work. You know, those design elements you’ve worked hard to create from scratch and hope will catch people’s eyes.

This is an important step to master, however, one of the most important aspects of design isn’t just creating elements that will impress, but what you do around them. In other words, negative (or white) space. It may seem boring at first to spend a lot of time thinking about the empty spaces in what you’re creating, but one can’t be effective without the other. Studies have shown that negative space can increase comprehension by 20% and comprehension is, after all, what your design should aspire to. Using negative space and well, just designing in general, there’s a saying you should stick by. This saying is “Keep it simple, stupid”.

All designers at QBC have commented about different ‘unusual’ trends that we’re getting in at the minute! There are loads and here are a few ideas: car vinyl stickers; voucher booklets; mini rundown booklets; quarterly newsletters; pound coin stickers; coded email footers; app design; animations; motion graphics; and most wanted at the moment -  GIFs! Recently, we had a competition between the designers to see who could make and sell the most gifs in a month. That has just expired now, and our winner was Josh with a grand total of 21 GIFs! Josh won a trip for two to Hull for the weekend! Great, huh! Here are a few words from Josh about his trip away:

‘We kicked off Saturday with a delicious Full-English breakfast before we got a bus into the city centre and walked down to the Marina to have a look at the boats, on our way to The Deep! (My 4-year-old absolutely loves it there so that was a nice surprise for him)
After wandering around The Deep for a couple of hours we walked back into the centre and stumbles across Hull’s “Hanse Festival” which was to celebrate all things medieval, so we stopped to take in a bit of culture there. In the afternoon we went back to the hotel to use the swimming pool which was a firm favourite with the little one, especially the jacuzzi!
After checking out on Sunday, we went straight to the train station to start our journey home after watching the trains in the station for a little bit. We had an awesome weekend full of fun and laughs!’

Even though not all the design team won the trip away, they did win it really. As James, Sarah, Jack and Sam mentioned, “It’s fun to have a bit of competition in the studio, it boosts the moral in the office and it’s something to look forward too! It brings us together as a team, getting to know everyone and being more involved.” Angus’ response was a little different… “It’s good to know how to improve your work – by getting inspiration from other designers. Also, its interesting to know how the designer came up with the idea and how they got there.”

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