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QBC is an ever-expanding company and we have really noticed this over the last month.

As most people know, this time of year is when the fun stuff gets started – Freshers, Summer, it’s all coming! When it gets busy for you, it gets busy for us and we’re very excited to say we’ve hired two new members of staff (just in the nick of time) So, everyone, meet Beth and Jenna!

Beth joined QBC in April. She is currently studying a Level 3 Apprenticeship on an ECDL Advanced IT Course at Woodspeen Training, Huddersfield. She works as part of the design team helping out with various clients and also on the Social Media Marketing side! Beth loves to learn and is constantly online doing training courses to build her knowledge in Marketing. She has already completed the Google certification called ‘The Online Marketing Fundamentals’ and also Hubspot’s 'Inbound Marketing Certification'. She is also, well under way with completing various certifications on marketing/design with HubSpot Academy and Hootesuite Academy.

When not at work, Beth is a drawer and does work to ship to all over - she loves pen drawing, specifically ‘British Buildings’! She also loves to spend time with her family and friends, attending various car shows with her classic sports cars. She loves doing different activities like go-ape and go-karting! She loves to drive and spends a lot of time on the road.

Next is Jenna!

Jenna is also doing an Apprenticeship at Woodspeen Training, studying n ECDL Advanced IT Course. She joined the QBC team at the end of May and has thrown herself creatively into social media design, while developing her knowledge in different styles and types of design, before gaining her own clients.

Outside of work, you’ll find Jenna’s head in a book or drawing! She especially likes spending time with her friends.

And there we have it, these are the newest faces of the QBC team – welcome to the studio!

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