The Creative Meeting: Fifth Edition

It’s back! This week brought the Fifth Edition of The Creative Meeting, and we were delighted to be hosted by James – the Studio Manager at QBC. And what did he discuss, you eagerly ask?

Tips and tricks of the trade!

Now when considering tips and tricks for graphics design, it is safe to say every designer has their own compilation of techniques; favourite font names; favourite colour palettes. This blog post is therefore going to be a bit of a brainstorm, a gathering of thoughts from many different sources. Hopefully this will give you an insight into what works well, and the variety of tricks you can use to make your life simpler.

Some easy tips to take on board initially are: 1 – Choose a font palette and 2 – Use Contrasting Colours to highlight. Now you may be thinking “I’ve heard of colour palette but not font palette”, and you probably wouldn’t be alone in this. Basically, a font palette is a selection of the typefaces which complement each other, based on one which stands out as a header followed by a couple of simpler fonts which are easily readable and appeal to the eye.

By using contrasting colours alongside this, it enables the text used to stand out, highlighting any specific pieces of information alongside accompanying images. According to VieoDesign, a good rule of thumb to have is to have a light and dark colour so that you can use both light and dark coloured font.

Something which is always advised is ‘keeping your ear close to the ground’. No, not literally. We are proud advocates of trend and keeping on top of this. It allows you to venture into where your competitor is getting their inspiration from while also collecting your own inspirational material through platforms such as Pinterest.

Finally, we’re thinking consistency. Consistency should be a designer’s best friend for individual projects. Where dealing with a multitude of clients this may not be the case, however when creating a brand and servicing this brand over a period of time it is important that the audience understand the brand.

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