The Creative Meeting: Fourth Edition

Welcome, everyone, to this week’s edition of The Creative Meeting.

We know you’re all eager to find out just what we have been talking about this week, where our creative juices have flown from. Well this week, we’re talking Low-Poly Art – presented this week by Angus.

What is Low-Poly Art, you ask? Well sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for a whistle-stop tour of an explanation.

This form of art is one which alters the piece through the use of shapes, such as triangles. They can be left hollowed out, or filled in to heighten the effect on the image. The technique is often used to manipulate an image, creating a new minimalistic look, and giving the design a new creative edge. It is a technique often used to add a concept of design to a simple image, and can be used in isolation (one area of the image heightened) or for the whole piece (as a form of distortion) across multiple design aspects and themes. It is very much something which designers can use to their advantage: depending on the nature of the piece the amount of poly art can be adjusted.

99Designs ( suggest that the main considerations of using these tools are as follows:

  • Source
  • Shape
  • Symmetry
  • Dimension
  • Context
  • Details

The origin of the name of this tool is derived from its use in rendering 3D models for video games. This method in gaming has become much more complex, however the use on a 2D basis such as in graphics design has become increasingly varied which is, arguably, why the trend and tool remains ever-popular in style and purpose.

So, for something different; something edgy, it is definitely a tool which is worth trying. 

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