The Creative Meeting: Ninth Edition

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to the first Creative Meeting of 2018! We’re excited and ready to get this year off to a good start, and are ready to see what topics, trends and techniques are available for our eager brains.

This week’s meeting was held by Angus – no pressure on getting the new year off to a good start lad! Recently in The Creative Meetings, we have been saying that moving forward Show and Tell is prohibited and all things creative need to be worthwhile, teaching us a technique and allowing us to put this new knowledge into practice.

With this in mind, this week we’ve begun the year with an introduction to Pinterest Tutorials. As I’m sure we are all aware, Pinterest is home to millions of infographics and How-Tos. These How-Tos provide the perfect opportunity to teach yourself something new… it’s like the Computing for Dummies, in shareable image form. These infographics usually aim to provide the simplest solution to any knowledge gap, therefore meaning the techniques are usually very efficient and time-friendly.

In keeping up with these infographics, and teaching yourself new techniques, the idea is that trend following will come along with it – you can keep up with the latest tricks of the trade, allowing the artwork being created to stay on top of its game and current. 

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