The Creative Meeting: Sixth Edition

So, a few weeks ago we delved into the importance; the use; and the development of GIFS in a blog post titled: The Wonderful World of GIFs. We explored the way in which GIFs can take a piece of standard imagery to the next level for your audience. We also discussed their importance when considering the build of your content, with the viewpoint of keeping things fresh and quirky on social media feeds.

The Creative Meeting: Sixth Edition commenced and kept all things GIF in mind. This week’s meeting was led by Josh, the Assistant Studio Manager, who took the team through how to make a GIF look effective and suit the image that it’s highlighting.

Having just had Bonfire Night, and Christmas being just around the corner, this meeting was kept quite topical in its examples: sparklers were shooting out and snow was falling. The reason for this? Well, the main thing to be taken out of this meeting is to make sure that the part of the image made animated should be done so to heighten its effect, and not just for the sake of it. As you know, everything in this world leads back to how much your audience interacts with what you are showing them. The point in a GIF therefore is to make the image seem more interesting, while still retaining its original purpose.

The main example used is the one you can see: Celebrate your Birthday with us! for Fiction Handley. As you can see, the message is supported by sparklers. Now, imagine this:

The word ‘birthday’ is animated to flash in a variety of colours. The image of the sparklers is static and is there to ultimately fill a space and give the artwork some texture/variance.

Now imagine this:

The words in the image are static, and do not change colour or size. However, the image of the sparklers actually does sparkle.

Which would you choose out of the two concepts? I know which we would. You guessed it, concept two. By animating the sparklers to sparkle, the image becomes more realistic and ultimately more eye-catching. Not only this, but the first thought which comes to mind when seeing a sparkle is that of celebration and fun – if this is the first thought that also comes to your audience’s mind you’re on for a winner with the piece of artwork meeting its purpose.

And that’s what it’s all about at the end of it, being engaging and getting that one step closer to meeting your objectives in the long run. 

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