The Creative Meeting: Tenth Edition!

We have reached the tenth edition of The Creative Meeting blog! Things are getting pretty specific in our team teachings and techniques and this week we’re feeling the quirkiness.

Sam led this week’s meeting, taking the team through how to give artwork that edgy touch. Specifically, he looked at GIFs and how to add value to these by tweaking one element and providing that quirky, edgy style (see the cover image as an example).

In this instance, Sam was showing the team how to use lines to create the moving elements to the GIF; the lines divided up the face of the woman in the image, allowing the addition of colour tone changes, almost like stripes. While initially this effect on a GIF (depending on how boldly designed) can seem quite subtle, as soon as it is noticed it plays a very clever trick and draws the viewer in immediately – almost like a sudden realisation.

Where I use these magical things… you ask? Well, GIFs and Cinemagraphs are increasing in popularity on social media because of their ability to provide a message to the audience, without actually saying much. For example, if you are trying to create an Advert on Facebook and Instagram, Mr Zuckerberg flags up and notifies you if the image on your post has too much wording, and is unlikely to receive the levels of engagement you are aiming for. This is where these animations come in handy because they use images to convey a message – and everyone loves a good animation!

Check out our post ‘The Wonderful World of GIFS’ for more brainstorms about the best ways of using animations. 

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