The Creative Meeting: Third Edition

Welcome ladies and gents to the third edition of The Creative Meeting!


This week, we are presented by Sarah, who has chosen to host Up and Coming Graphic Design Trends for 2018. The main focuses of this meeting have been the ‘Glitch Effect’, ‘Double Exposure Duotones’ and ‘Negative Space Designs’ – and for those of you who haven’t the foggiest what those phrases mean, this is going to be your guide… or attempt to be!


The Glitch Effect


Imagine the age before satellite TV, when just the nudge of an aerial would lead to a glitchy, wibbly-wobbly image which you kind of have to tilt your head at a few times before you can reckon what you’re meant to be watching. In essence, that image you’re presented with, that is The Glitch Effect.


Double Exposure Duotones


Now this one is not for the faint hearted! Let’s break it down – firstly, exposure. Exposure is the amount of light to reach the sensor in a camera while taking a photograph. Double or Multiple Exposure therefore is the combination of more than one exposure in one image. How is this possible, you ask? This is all down to a little bit of manipulation. Editing areas of the image to highlight varying aspects mean that you’re altering the focus of the image.


Negative Space Designs


How can you have negative space, you ask? Well in design terms, negative space is the space surrounding the object that defines it, and makes it attractive to the eye. Think about how many times you’ve seen a design and thought, that’s too busy, too crowded – there’s just too much on it. In this instance the design would have very little negative space, meaning that the aimed focus of the piece is left behind a little. The more negative space, the easier the design is to follow and process.


These are only three of the predicted trends for 2018 to watch out for, definitely areas to consider when creating your next piece of artwork. 

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