The Great British Spring Clean

Now that the #BeastfromtheEast has passed (finally) the blue skies are creeping back in, the evenings are getting that little bit longer, and the hat and scarf can – for now – be put aside. We all go through that stage once spring is here of changing things. We clear out the clutter, we finally take on those tasks we’ve been waiting to get going with, we start going out more and doing different things.

This is where the roots of The Great British Spring Clean derived. This campaign aims to ‘bring people across the country together to clear up the litter that blights our towns, villages, countryside and beaches. Over the month you’ll see councils out and about working on projects, you’ll see schools taking part in projects about recycling and waste, you’ll see the public out and about in crowds clearing up beaches, and you’ll see companies taking part in their own ways too.

While you’re wondering when you can get along to one of the national events, it’s also a great opportunity to take a step back and re-fresh (whether on a personal or business level doesn’t really matter).

You’ve already planned what campaigns you are partaking in, based on your events calendar from earlier in the year. The beginning of Spring can be a little overwhelming sometimes because literally, everything is changing! Trends for design are twisting to fit the season and current events, people are out networking and generally, things just have a new lease of life! It may be time to do that to yourself too.

We’re talking schedules, diaries and setting new goals! Goals in Winter are never exciting as goals in Spring/Summer. I mean, the prospect of the Sun accompanying whatever challenges you’ve set yourself, surely that’s a motivator in itself? Get out with your clients, do something memorable and different. Match the change in season and weather with a change in tactics or mindset – if something interests you, now is the perfect time to take it up. Evaluate how far along your goals you are: did you get that piece of artwork signed off? Did you achieve the footfall for your last event that you expected? Then take the feedback you have and form a new plan, start fresh, and get going with those next level goals!

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