The Perfect December Promo Tool!

We are fully aware that this time of year brings up almost paranoia among the marketers out there as to whether or not they have chosen the right marketing mix for their December promotions and campaigns. It has been safe to say that we have seen a lot of different products; styles of artwork; even colour schemes, come through the studio.

One of these, produced by Liquid & Envy Oldham, stood out to our designers, so much so that they suggested we write a blog post about it! Introducing: The December Events Calendar 2017. As the name says on the tin, this piece is a calendar, documenting all events happening throughout December, on of the busiest months of the year within the leisure industry (along with pretty much every other industry too).

The calendar has a fold-out function, which means that there are six faces playing host to adverts about specific events happening at the venue. The inside is where the calendar sits, detailing a day-by-day picture of events, ticket reminders and social media links. So, not only are the venue events shouted about and reinforced to the receiver, the business is giving themselves extra promotion through its name and digital marketing links too.

There is a fact, that you have to see something eight times before it registers and can be recalled from memory. Based on this fact alone, providing something which reinforces the event names throughout the period of the month means that there is actually a higher chance of the receiver remembering that it is happening! What more could you want!

And who says you have to stop there?! These calendars, while extremely suited to December with their advent style appearance, can be used at any time in the year: Bank Holidays, Freshers, Halloween – the possibilities are endless.

So, next time you’re worried about what marketing mix you spend your money on for your next campaign, why not consider the all-in-one, promo savvy fold-out calendar. You could even go that one step further and form a digital one alongside it, creating video style openings of days and linking it to your website. 

Posted 2 years ago

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