The Wonderful World of GIFs

Picture this:

You are the Marketing Assistant at a company which is branching more and more into the online world. One of your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators, or Targets) is to increase the engagement within your community on Twitter by 3% every month. You are regularly and consistently posting pictures, links to articles and mentioning your network of clients in posts. You know that your market engages more with picture posts, but you are at a bit of a stalemate because the engagement rate has just, well, settled.

What can I do, you ask?! Well, we may have just an easy solution for you.

Welcome to The Wonderful World of GIFs – and what a wonderful world it is. When you may not have the resources, or may not be ready within your marketing strategy to trial video content, a GIF takes your standard imagery to the next level. Whether you take your logo vector image and change colours; install a moving item into an image; create a flashing pop-up style image, the possibilities are endless.

How do I create these, you ask?!

If you already outsource your artwork to a creative design agency like #TeamQBC, then it is worth asking them to create one for you. All it takes is creating a few extra layers to an image on Photoshop and compiling them to a video in a similar way to how we all used to make video slideshows on Windows Movie Maker – remember those days?

Why should I do this, you ask?!

As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog posts, content is engaged with more if it shows personality. While the GIF you create may be an animated version of your current artwork, and not show a face of the team behind the work like a video would, the nature of it’s changing design and quirkiness means that they are often appreciated in the midst of a Twitter feed.

Alongside this, GIFs actually have technical benefits too. Unlike a typical video, GIFs automatically playback. While Facebook allows this on its News Feed anyway, it means that if you link the post to a blog or put it onto another platform, there will be no ‘awkward silences’. This means that sometimes it is worth converting video content you are uploading anywhere into GIF format, especially if you want to use something along the lines of a Hyperlapse, or Boomerang footage (we will write about these tools in a later post, keep your eye out!) which does not automatically playback.

There is a theory that it takes someone seeing something eight times before they can recall it without prompts. Imagine therefore how much shorter this could be if the content itself makes an imprint on your consumer’s mind because it is something different; something they are not used to seeing.

If you have any enquiries about how to get your mitts on a GIF, email for more information. 

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