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This week in the studio, we’ve been given a brief from a client who brands themselves as providing a ‘personal’, ‘1-2-1’ and ‘bespoke’ service. They also wanted to market their creation of vlogs on YouTube. When it came to it, there were questions about how to phrase and use the two together for the creative piece. That was when it was decided that this week’s blog post would be about a brand’s personality, and getting up close and personal with your market (in a way that will benefit the brand!)

In this instance, it was obvious that the client had pride in the relationships being created between them and their market. Having a ‘bespoke’ service, on a ‘1-2-1’ level, shows that the business emphasises the fact that each of their clients are important to them, and focuses on building and maintaining a relationship with them. I explained that this is probably one of the reasons that the brand chooses to use vlogs as a marketing tool.

A vlog is a video blog – imagine this piece, being talked about in a video format and uploaded onto the internet – almost the next level up from a podcast as you can actually see who is talking to you. Simply search ‘vlog’ in YouTube and you’ll see many people uploading them daily/weekly for a variety of reasons. Arguably, the key phrase here is ‘who is talking to you’. One of the main selling points for a vlog feature is the ability to show the face behind the conversation – giving the message you’re conveying a personality.

We find, at QBC, that the posts on social media which are engaged with more are our #Treatoftheweek videos, our #MotivationMonday or #TeamQBC posts. We also find that our clients love visiting the studio, having a brew and sitting with their designer. We even push that the team use the phone and speak to our clients. What do these things have in common? Every point features the team behind the work. Some of you may argue that the latter are all about customer service, but we don’t see it that way. We see it as us building and maintaining relationship with our community. WE are the brand’s personality.

There are arguments to suggest that your brand, is your promise to your customer. Imagine that you are in the middle of forming a relationship with a potential client.

Imagine how much easier forming this relationship and making the promise to the client would be if when researching you, they could see who YOU and the brand are, rather than just sales stats and testimonials from clients are – not that these should be left behind in the grand scheme of things. 

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