Wrapping up 2018

It’s the end of 2017, and that means the time has come to have a look back at what kind of year this has been for #TeamQBC. Among the printing, photoshop files, and slightly questionable playlists, has been a busy year in the studio with expansion being a key theme throughout.

One of the main differences you would notice when coming into the studio, is that it’s a little more on the crowded side. Three new members of staff have joined the team: two designers and a social media manager. Not only this but one of our current team members finished their apprenticeship, meaning that they have become a fully-fledged Graphics Designer! The increase in team numbers has meant that the workforce behind bidding for projects has increased, and allowed us to take on more large-scale projects.

Speaking of which, one of the biggest achievements for #TeamQBC this year has been securing the Atik Brand and bringing them into our portfolio. This means we now design and print artwork for all campaigns and events that the company hold. We chose a simple, clean, retro, vintage feel all reliant on colours to make the artwork pop!

We have also worked heavily this year on the launch of the new alska 33cl cans, to go alongside the already present bottle range of vegan ciders. This has meant visits hailing from Sweden, of ‘The Two Freddies’. There are some exciting projects in the pipeline with these men, which we are looking forward to working on over the next year.

Finally, this year has seen investment back into #TeamQBC. Alongside the new team members, there have been two new macs brought into the studio, giving the designers the highest spec technology to work with in their newly designed studio. That’s right, we have given the studio a makeover! Out went the white, poster covered walls, and in came the bright yellow paint and carbon fibre covered desks.

It’s safe to say that this year has been a busy one for #TeamQBC, and it is exciting to see where this is going to go, coming into 2018. Happy New Year everyone. 

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